Why YOU Should Be Eating Crickets (Part I)

Yes, you read the title correctly. I’m about to convince you why eating crickets is one of the best sources of protein you could possibly add to your healthy routine! It may sound a bit weird to anyone who hasn’t tried eating them before, but crickets offer a variety of benefits that you can’t get from any other single food source.

Though there are plenty of reasons to eat crickets, two main reasons center around sustainability and nutrition. Consuming crickets is great for the earth and for your health.

Not so sure about it yet? Keep reading for more details on why eating crickets is the smallest and mightiest way to change your diet for the better.

Crickets Are Sustainable

Our population is growing rapidly, and it’s no secret that it’s getting harder and harder to feed everyone. We have finite land and finite resources. This means that it’s extremely important that we make the most of them.

Crickets vs. Livestock

The United States is a HUGE consumer of meat. It is the primary source of protein for the majority of Americans, but unfortunately it requires extensive resources to produce. This chart shows the incredible disparity in resource requirements between conventional livestock and crickets:

water grain CO2 comparison

In terms of sustainability, crickets are a compelling source of protein. Their energy efficiency enables us to use far fewer resources. Increasing our consumption of cricket protein will help us feed our growing population sustainably.

Crickets vs. Plants

After a look at the chart, you may notice plant protein is missing. Plants are great sources of protein. However, in many ways crickets are more sustainable than even plant proteins. They do not require pesticides and fertilizers (often oil-based) that are used on crops. They also use a fraction of land and water. For example, to produce 1 lb of almonds requires a whopping 2000 gallons of water. It’s hard to beat the amazing efficiency of crickets!

Crickets give us the opportunity to eat smarter and feed a quickly growing population. Of course, we want that population to be getting the right nutrition. Luckily, crickets have got that one covered, too. Check out Why You Should Be Eating Crickets Part II for a look into the nutritional value of crickets.

Do you think cricket protein can help the planet? Are you open to giving it a try? Shoot us an email or give us a call!