Protein Powder Yogurt Recipe


1 – 2

Ready In:

3 min

Great For:

Breakfast, Snack

Ingredients & Directions:


1. In a small bowl, stir jelly or applesauce with Mighty Cricket Protein Powder until thoroughly combined. 

2. Add yogurt to another bowl. Scoop jelly mixture on top of yogurt and swirl.

3. Top with granola and cinnamon.

Notes for the Protein Powder Yogurt Recipe:

Like your yogurt sweet? Swap Mighty Cricket Protein Powder Unflavored with Mighty Cricket Protein Powder Vanilla for extra sweetness without added sugar.

This recipe provides you with a fun opportunity to be creative!  What else do you love to put on-top of your yogurt?  Chocolate shavings?  Chopped nuts? Sliced fruit?  There are tons of ways to personalize this recipe and make it all your own.


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