High Protein Hummus Recipe


2 – 4

Ready In:

~ 1 min

Great For:

Appetizers, Snacks, Lunch

Ingredients & Directions:


1. Mix together hummus and Mighty Cricket Protein Powder.

2. Serve with vegetables and crackers. That’s it! You’re done. Mighty easy, right?

Inspiration for High Protein Hummus Recipe:

I love hummus. It’s delicious plain or with a variety of flavors, and it’s also high in protein. Unfortunately, hummus isn’t a complete protein (meaning it does not contain all 9 essential amino acids for muscle growth). I’ve been looking for a complete protein to add to hummus, and it turns out Mighty Cricket is the perfect addition! It enhances the dish with a deliciously nutty, umami flavor. It’s also super easy to mix into both homemade and store-bought hummus. I take Mighty Cricket High Protein Hummus sandwiches on hikes, and I feel great knowing I’m getting all of the essential amino acids.

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About the Creator

Sarah Schlafly is the founder of Mighty Cricket. Her passion lies in making healthy meals delicious, convenient, sustainable, and affordable. She is eager to chat about food with you and connect on LinkedIn.

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