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10 min

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Ingredients & Directions:

1.  Hoppin’ Hummus Sandwich

2.  Chirpin’ Cream Cheese Wrap

3.  Protein-Packed PB&J

Directions:  Hoppin’ Humus Sandwich
1. Toast bread if desired.
2. Mix hummus and cricket powder in a small bowl.
3. Spread hummus on bread.
4. Thinly slice your favorite veggies and place on sandwich
Directions:  Chirpin’ Cream Cheese Wrap
1. Optional: Cook wraps
2. Mix cricket powder into cream cheese spread.
2. Spread cream cheese on wrap.
3. Thinly slice your favorite veggies and place on cream cheese.
4. Roll & enjoy!
Directions:  Protein-Packed PB&J
1. Toast bread if desired.
2. In a small bowl, mix 1 tsp of cricket powder into peanut butter.
3. Spread the nut butter mixture on one slice of bread. 
4. In a small bowl, mix remaining 2 tsp of cricket powder into jelly. 
5. Spread the jelly mixture on the other slice of bread and put the two pieces together.

Inspiration for Healthy Protein Sandwiches Recipes:

Sandwiches are a fun and easy way to unleash my culinary creativity! I’m always on the looking for healthier proteins to added to my sandwiches, and I this is the first time I’ve ever tried using a protein powder on a sandwich. I typically wouldn’t think to mix protein powder into a sandwich spread, but the delicious nuttiness of Mighty Cricket Protein Powder lends itself to savory applications like these. Experiment with your own recipes and share them with @MightyCricketCo on Instagram and Facebook.

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