Blueberry Mint Protein Tea



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7 minutes

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Ingredients & Directions:

1. Combine Sunrize tea leaves with boiling water. Steep 7 minutes. Strain into a small mixing bowl or large mug and discard leaves.
2. Stir in Mighty Cricket Vanilla Protein Powder and milk until smooth (alternatively combine in blender).
3. Pour protein tea mixture over ice and serve.

Notes for Blueberry Mint Protein Tea Recipe:


This is the first time I have ever tried mixing protein powder with tea. The result? Absolutely delicious! You can mix any tea with Mighty Cricket Vanilla Protein Powder (some teas even go well with Chocolate Protein Powder). My new favorite is Sunrize Tea, which I used in this recipe. Sunrize is a small, women-owned company founded in 2018 by Anya Grunewald while in college. Explore her amazing teas at

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