Over 40 St. Louis Chefs Feature Crickets on Menus

Originally Published in St. Louis Post Dispatch | Sep 18, 2020

cricket protein frozen smoothie
michty cricket challenge participant

Dozens of St. Louis bars, cafes, and restaurants are featuring Mighty Cricket Protein Powder on menus this October as part of the city-wide Mighty Cricket Challenge. The challenge invites St. Louisans to try a drink or dish made with Mighty Cricket’s finely ground Protein Powder. 

We launched this campaign as a way to entice St. Louisans to embrace bugs as a delicious, nutritious, and sustainable food source. This challenge is pivotal in normalizing crickets as a viable, clean protein source,” said Sarah Schlafly, CEO of Mighty Cricket. “When Americans experience cricket protein in pizzas, tacos, curries, smoothies, ice cream … this ingredient suddenly goes from exotic to mainstream.”

St. Louis chefs are excited about the challenge, creatively blending the powder into everything from cocktails to pasta. Fahime Mohammad, the chef at Sameem’s Afghan Restaurant, explains, “Crickets are a good source of protein, vitamin B12, and calcium. I just want to be part of this good product. It’s exciting to be part of something that’s going to make a big impact.”

That big impact will include environmental benefits, thanks to the fraction of water, feed, and lands needed to farm crickets versus traditional agriculture. To demonstrate just how sustainable crickets are, Mighty Cricket will calculate the environmental impact St. Louisans made based on total sales reported by the restaurants at the end of the challenge. 

Launching first in St. Louis, the Company plans to take the Cricket Challenge national. Visit MightyCricket.co for a complete list of participating venues.