Cricket powder is made from roasted and finely ground crickets. The main function of pure cricket flour in food is to replace meat, as it provides a high concentration of key nutrients: easily digestible complete protein (with all 9 essential amino acids), omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, iron, and a powerful prebiotic fiber called chitin. Cricket offers similar healthy nutrients as beef without the bad stuff—saturated fat, antibiotics, growth hormones, and high greenhouse gas emissions.

Let’s talk about some of the most important benefits cricket protein provides:

cricket protein vs beef and chicken chart

Improves Intestinal Health

Cricket contains chitin, a powerful prebiotic fiber different from the dietary fiber found in fruits and vegetables. This fiber is also found in crustaceans, which is why cricket protein may trigger a crustacean shellfish allergen. But for those who are not allergic to shellfish, several studies have found that chitin is responsible for reducing inflammation and even reversing cases of irritable intestinal disease. A healthy microbiota is associated with a stronger immune system, more energy, better mood, and better overall health.

Reduces Fatigue

Cricket flour contains more iron than beef. Iron assists in hemoglobin production which transports oxygen in the blood, therefore it helps reduce fatigue resulting from a lack of hemoglobin.

Contributes to Brain Activity and Provides Energy

Cricket protein contains 50 times more vitamin B12 than chicken and 7 times more than salmon. Vitamin B12 is necessary for converting food into energy and for the formation of red blood cells. It is also essential for the nervous system and brain to function properly.

Promotes Muscle Growth

A great source of complete protein, cricket exceeds the amount of protein found in beef, chicken, pork, and fish. It also contains all 9 essential amino acids that must be consumed through the diet because they cannot be produced by the body. These amino acids are necessary for muscle growth and the entire metabolic process.

Natural, Allergen-Friendly Food

All of our products are made with 100% natural ingredients and are gluten and dairy free. Eating real food is one of the most important things you can do to create a healthy life.

allergen free products

Although at first glance cricket might not seem to be the most appealing protein, but when you dig into the health and environmental benefits, it suddenly becomes a smart choice. It just makes sense. We should all seriously consider giving this protein a chance.

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