Eating cricket powder is good for your gut according to clinical trail

Recently cricket flour and other edible insects are gaining popularity in the US, Canada, and Europe as a healthy and environmentally-friendly source of protein. 

Meanwhile, more and more scientific evidence points to the benefits of incorporating bugs into our daily diets.

An example of this is the study by the Institute of Environmental Studies of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with researcher Valerie Stull.

Study of benefits of eating crickets by the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Over the course of a few weeks, 20 healthy men and women between the ages of 18 and 48 included 25 grams of cricket flour to their daily breakfast.

The researchers collected blood and stool samples before and after the incorporation of cricket protein into their diets.

Participants’ blood samples were tested for a number of indicators, such as blood glucose and enzymes associated with liver function, and also for levels of a protein associated with inflammation. Fecal samples were analyzed to determine metabolism, gastrointestinal inflammation, and the overall composition of microbial communities.

Preparing cricket protein powder

During interviews, participants didn’t mention significant gastrointestinal changes or side effects. What research did observe was the growth of a metabolic enzyme associated with intestinal health and a decrease in an inflammatory protein in the blood called TNF-alpha, which has been linked to depression and cancer.

In addition, the team observed an increase in the abundance of beneficial intestinal bacteria such as Bifidobacterium animalis, a strain that has been associated with better gastrointestinal function.

Cricket’s clean protein powder contains chitin, a different fiber than the ones found in fruits and vegetables. Chitin is particularly great at promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. Crickets are an excellent source of proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and fiber as well.

With a growing number of consumers experiencing food sensitivities and gut problems, Mighty Cricket’s gut-friendly protein is exactly what we need.


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